Areas of practice

Fiscal and taxation

The Fiscal and Tax Law Department of FUSTER-FABRA ABOGADOS has a team of specialists who cover the fiscal and tax vicissitudes that may arise in the lives of individuals, family offices, entrepreneurs and companies, both nationally and internationally.


With a strong technical and educational component towards the client, the specialists at FUSTER-FABRA ABOGADOS work not only to solve the problems that clients raise in tax matters, but also to distinguish, analyse and neutralise the possible contingencies that may arise in the future due to their activity and operational strategy.

  • Company Taxation:
    • Advice on the recurring tax and accounting obligations of companies and professionals.
    • Study and analysis of the tax implications of different corporate restructuring operations and company mergers and acquisitions.
    • Tax due diligence processes.
    • Preparation and settlement of corporate income tax.
    • Optimisation of company and corporate group tax structures.
  • Taxation of individuals and assets:
    • Preparation of personal income tax returns and informative declarations.
    • Tax optimisation of estate planning in the family sphere.
    • Preparation and settlement of taxes associated with individuals and family offices: Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax.
  • International taxation.
  • VAT and special taxes.
  • Advice on tax inspection procedures by the Tax Agency.
  • Administrative and contentious tax proceedings.
  • Transfer pricing and related operations.
  • Tax due diligence.