Areas of practice

Crisis Manager

We provide our clients with a reliable source of legal support and guidance during times of uncertainty and difficulty, helping them to overcome obstacles and protect their long-term interests.


The “Crisis Manager” will agree the necessary restructuring plans to maintain your business activity in a solvent manner, coordinating with the different departments of the firm the service needs that may arise depending on the legal matter in question.

We draw up an Individualised Action Plan, with different strategic options, where we assess your current situation, the measures you need to adopt to survive, the business opportunities in your sector, together with the new post-crisis business possibilities, the most profitable investments, in order to choose the option that you finally decide on, but with the most appropriate personal and professional support.

Fuster-Fabra offers a consultancy service on the best way out of the crisis, covering all aspects of the legal and economic life of a person, family or company.

First phase of the crisis

  • Tax: Tax deferral
  • Labour: ERTE, EREs, redundancies, readjustment of contracts
  • Commercial: corporate restructuring, contract with suppliers
  • Civil: tenancy agreement, claims for payment
  • Financial: debt restructuring, mortgage moratoriums…
  • Compliance: advice on avoiding punishable insolvency.
  • Pre-contest: avoid critical situations.

Second phase of the crisis

  • “Open mind” is the attitude needed in this new phase. Curiosity for new things and a positive attitude will open the way. Fuster-Fabra accompanies, advises and encourages you in this process.
  • Elaboration of an individualised Action Plan, where new business opportunities in your sector are assessed, together with new post-crisis business trends.
  • Assessment of other business opportunities in adjacent sectors.